High Culture in Valle Maggia, Ticino

Prof. Dr. Iso Camartin

Publicist, Writer and Television Presenter

What I admire the most in artists is their ability, when looking at just a pile of stones and blocks of raw material, to visualize the future beauty, and then later to actually see beautiful forms and figures. The Centro internazionale di Scultura is set to become a place where you can experience both the genesis and eventual liberation of such creations.

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50% Canton Ticino

28% Fondazione



CHF 7'828'180.00



Weeks to go


The Centro Internazionale di Scultura is taking shape: The funding of 5 million Swiss Francs from the canton Ticino has been designated as a 'Challenge Grant', meaning that the 'Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura' will need to raise an equal amount from donors and sponsors to cover the estimated project costs of 10 million Swiss Francs. So far, 2.8 million Swiss Francs have been pledged by 6 Foundations, 92 Friends, 161 Brick Buyers and 45 Supporters. For the realisation of the project it is necessary to raise a further 2.2 million Swiss Francs by the end of December 2015.