Life in Peccia

Each scholarship holder will have an apartment in the artists’ house which is located in the village centre of Peccia. There are six residential units in this house. Each unit has its own shower/toilet and a small kitchenette. The house also has a large kitchen and dining area for communal use. The scholarship holders are expected to cater for themselves. Internet connection is available: WLAN

The Fondazione grants financial support of CHF 9000.00 (as at 05/2020) for each scholarship. Payment is made in monthly instalments at the beginning of each month, starting at the beginning of May of the scholarship year (6x CHF 1500.00: six monthly payments of CHF 1200.00 and the remaining CHF 1800.00 on departure, provided there are no claims on the part of the FIS.) The scholarship holders are responsible for day to day expenses in Peccia.
In addition, the Fondazione covers the stated costs of materials, up to CHF 3000.00, and pays CHF 2000.00 per scholarship holder (as at 05/2020) for transporting the works created in Peccia.

The scholarship holders are expected to pay for their own journeys to and from Peccia. Once a scholarship has been awarded, the Fondazione may, upon written request to the Management of the Fondazione, and in justified cases, pay an amount towards travel expenses.

If a scholarship is not taken up, the entitlement to any financial assistance, studio space and accommodation, expires. If a scholarship stay is discontinued, the financial benefits will be proportionally reduced, i.e. the allowance for materials and transport will be adjusted, and the monthly scholarship payments will be discontinued immediately.

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