Working in Peccia

There are five studios available. These are usually awarded only once. The studios are designed as autonomous working units.
The scholarship holders must be willing and capable of working independently with sculpting materials. In line with the purpose of the Foundation, the marble of Peccia is the main work material, but all other stones and other materials such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, paper etc. can also be used. There are no assistants or other workers available to help with the projects.

The Centro provides the scholarship holders with a large outdoor work area with a 20-ton crane for shared use. Adjoining are three workshops with professional equipment, machines and tools for use with stone, wood and metal.

The Management of the Foundation ensures that the scholarship holders are introduced to the equipment of the workshops and are shown how to use the tools and materials, if necessary. The Management also organizes a support programme for all scholarship holders. Active participation in joint events is essential.

In exceptional circumstances and with the consent of the President of the Artistic Committee and the Management of the Foundation, scholarship holders may employ additional workers at their own expense. Good co-operation and mutual assistance among scholarship holders is possible, and desirable.

The scholarship holders must agree to periodically enable visitors to come to the studios, to foster artists’ encounters with sponsors and donors for the benefit of all those involved in the Fondazione or the Centro. They are expected to play an active part in these visits and encounters, and thereby will support the fundraising efforts of the Fondazione and Centro for the benefit of creative artists.

It is hoped that each scholarship holder donates one of his/her models or works to the Foundation. The selection is determined in consultation with the Artistic Committee.

At the end of the Artist in Residence stay, the scholarship holders are responsible for ensuring that their works and all personal materials are removed.

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