Jenson Anto

1967 born in India

Jenson Anto plays with what is found and what is made, with objects he gathers from various geographical locations. Changes that occur in the process of engagement gives way to ephemeral works in the form of drawings, photographs, assemblages and installations. After a Masters program in Painting from Wimbledon college of Art, London on a Charles Wallace Fellowship, he has been in Art residencies at Iaab Basel, Switzerland and NAIRS, Scoul, Switzerland through Pro Helvetia - The Swiss Arts Council, AZB, Arbeitsgemeninschaft Zürcher Bildhauer, Schlieren, Switzerland and at Khoj international Artists Association, New Delhi. Site specific projects at Munnar and Vazhachal, Kerala; Leh, Ladakh; Grampian Highlands, Aberdeen and Stonehaven, Scotland; Isle of Man, United Kingdom; and Scuol, Switzerland; Notes from the Woods, Post, Kerkrade, Netherlands; Durch den wind, St Jakob`s Kirche, Zurich, Switzerland and Cloud`s End, Kaskadensator, Basel, Switzerland. Participated in Florence Biennale, currAint D’Ajer, Nairs, Liste Art Fair, Basel and Minimuseum Vigano, Rapperswil, Switzerland, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London and Casoria Art Museum, Italy.

Exhibition (selection):


Mec Art Gallery New Delhi India


Whitechapel project Space, London UK


Appendiks Copenhagen, Denmark


Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum Casoria Italy


7th Biennale Florence, Italy


Stiftung Binz 39, Switzerland

Project for Peccia:
Stages of an imbalance
While trekking in the alpine mountains the eye gets attuned to hover over twigs and branches that have found their own system of balance. With each downpour or landslide, the ground shifts unpredictably. An unwritten code seems to guide the arrangement as they fall or is displaced with the moving ground. Seemingly chaotic in appearance the structure or the lack of it manages to maintain some kind of stance for that moment of time.
Finding twigs and pieces of wood in the terrain to play and engage with has been the addictive process. The site for the buildup has been directed by availability of material for the construction. Repeated treks to the site happen in the quest for finding a suitable niche. Sometimes the location has been on places where documentation becomes more adventurous with water, rain, steep inclines and challenging light conditions.
Since it’s a play with found material sourced from the surrounding, the project has anchored on its availability. To that extent has been the dimension of each of the constructions that varies with volume of the found wood. It has worked out to keep the intrusion to the surrounding as negligible as possible with the kind of process that the project has been riding on. Sometimes the construction is left behind and at times it is dismantled. In both instances the structure mostly goes unnoticed in the surrounding. In isolated or remote regions the chances of being hidden is more likely.
Stages of an imbalance as a project proposal seek to engage with treks in the Alpine altitude that involves field recordings and documentation of slides in the mountainsides. The flow of river Maggia that breaches its embankments or erodes its banks are also part of the documentation process.
Found material in the form of wood, marble, metal and sound waves are worked with the underlying understanding gained from the impermanence of the surrounding. Nature in its purest form informs and guides the formation of transient structures that are in turn prone to instability and imbalance.
Stages of an Imbalance as a project would result in the process driven direction of attaining a study, research and studio based culmination of installation(s).

Jenson Anto

Jenson Anto

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