After Peccia

After their stay, the scholarship holders may become members of the Artistic Committee. They are thus also eligible in the awarding of the studios, together with the Artistic Committee members and the jury. As a rule, one former scholarship holder is elected to become a member of the jury.

The works created in Peccia are subject to a commission of 30%. If an artist is able to sell one of his/her works created in Peccia, 30% of the proceeds will go to the Centro (Artists’ Solidarity Contribution). The commission of 30% also applies to works or contracts negotiated by the Fondazione or Centro.

For six months after their stay, scholarship holders will undertake to sell their in Peccia created works with the same commission of 30% for the benefit of the Centro.
Voluntary solidarity contributions by the artists for the Centro are welcome at any time.

All image rights and rights of use for the photographs taken in Peccia, which depict persons and the works created here, remain with the Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura and the respective artist / author.