High Culture in Valle Maggia, Ticino

Prof. Dr. Remigio Ratti

Economist, Lugano

The International Centre for Sculpture in Peccia: a good example for how regional assets are made optimal use of.


Sculpture in Time
Since the dawn of human history, men and women have shaped everyday objects into special forms and, in so doing, they have left behind traces of their own lives and the world of their imagination. All cultures known to us, on any of our continents, have thus created sculptures in which past, present and future are intertwined in forms of everlasting beauty. They will continue to generate significant expressions of mankind’s own perceptions in the future. As part of our wholehearted commitment to this tradition, we strongly believe in the potential for development that is offered by three-dimensional art.
With the aim of promoting the artists working in the field, we are committed to the creation of the International Centre for Sculpture as a place where this tradition is developed and will be celebrated further in the years to come.

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