Marble - Quarry and Sculpture School

ca. 1946


Since 1946 Quarrying of marble in Peccia (Lavizzara valley, upper Maggia valley) by the company Cristallina SA

2010 Closure of the Marble Works in Peccia. Company name and quarrying rights go to Graniti Maurino SA Biasca. The municipality of Lavizzara buys the company site

Scuola di Scultura, 1987

Sculpture School beginning

1984 The Sculpture School in Peccia is founded by Rolf Flachsmann

1987 Alex Naef takes charge of the school and names it Scuola di Scultura di Peccia. Initially ten course weeks per year are offered and increases to almost thirty weeks during the nineties.

Scuola di Scultura, 2012

Steps of development

1994 Offer of the four year further training course

1995 First plans for the Centro Internazionale di Scultura (CIS)

2001 Almute Grossmann-Naef becomes Co-Director of the Scuola

2004 Amalgamation of Peccia with five other municipalities to form the Lavizzara municipality Comune Lavizzara

Centro Internazionale di Scultura, Peccia

Centro Internazionale di Scultura

2008 The CIS project is presented to the Governing Council of the Ticino

2010 Feasibility study and Business plan for the CIS

9/2011 Setting up of the Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura (FIS) by private individuals, the municipality of Lavizzara and the ‘Fondazione Vallemaggia’.

3/2012 The Ticino Parliament (Granconsiglio) decides to support the CIS with five million Swiss Francs provided that an equal amount can be raised from private benefactors and donors

5/2012 Former Federal Councillor, Flavio Cotti is chosen to be the first Chairman of the Patronage Committee.

5/2013 Guido Magnaguagno is chosen to be the first president of the Artistic Committee.

6/2013 Significant promise of support by the Ernst Göhner Foundation. 

8/2013 Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard visits the Comune Lavizzara on 1st of August and talks, among other things, about the activities in Peccia.

10/2013 The Lavizzara Council supports the construction of the International Centre for Sculpture  by agreeing unanimously to a financial contribution of 500'000 Swiss Francs.

8/2014 Honorary Reception for around 160 Ambassadors, Politicians and VIP-Guests of the Film Festival Locarno.

7/2015 The CIS in the Swiss Pavilion, Presentation of the CIS in Milan on Sunday, 12th July, from 10.00am to 4.00pm

8/2015 CIS is honorary guest of the Rotonda del Festival. During the festival Centro Internationale will be showcased in Locarno.

to 12/2015 Numerous Supporters, 'Brick' Donors and Friends are ready to support the building of this beacon of culture.

2016 Redimensioning of the project

2017 Building application

2018 Building permit and ground-breaking ceremony, current pictures of the construction site can be seen here.

11/2018 Former State Councillor, Christine Egerszegi is chosen to be the Vice President of the Patronage Committee.

2019 Selection of the first five Artists in Residence. Mexican artist Jose Dávila is chosen to set up the inaugural exhibition.

2020 End of construction works.