Jose Dávila in Peccia

The interview is curated by the Artistic Director Guido Magnaguagno, in a virtual conversation with the artist. We look forward to admire Dávila’s works in person and we wish you a good vision!

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The sculptural work by Jose Dávila (Guadalajara, MX, 1974) performs a series of structural intuitions through the interaction of balance and gravity, these seemingly static compositions entail several physical processes that are necessary for objects to maintain their shape and to occupy space in a specific manner. Dávila's sculptures also perform a quest for the limits of the resistance of materials, and to achieve form as a consequence of the process. The history of Western sculpture becomes raw material for rendering new possibilities of transforming space and re-signifying objects. Human intervention and the material disposition of objects produce hybrid systems in which technique unfolds itself as a poetic dimension.

Photos of the first visit in Peccia

Photos of Installation views Jose Dàvila

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