The temporary exhibit remains closed until further notice, and July events are canceled.

Artist in Residence 2021

Shinroku Shimokawa

Project for Peccia

I have come up with a timetable for my stay in Peccia. This will give a structure to my days from May to October during which time I will work on various topics. Each monthly theme revolves around the stone in all its facets, working with stone such as grinding for example. Further, I treat the timelessness of the stone and the temporary breaking of this resistance. Another topic is the game with reality and matter. This is where the medium of light comes into play and also performing interventions with stone. Furthermore, local resources and sources of inspiration should of course be included. At the end of each month, the result or process is shown. Together with other artists, I would like to work on the facets of stone sculpture and engage in a discourse on contemporary sculpture. Stone is a very classic medium. One of my artistic concerns is to use the stone further in contemporary art today, here and now, and to generate something new with the seemingly timeless.