in Residence

There are five ateliers available at the CIS, which are awarded every year in the form of scholarships by a jury of experts. Artists from all over the world can apply and, if successful, receive a six-month grant to work at CIS.

The ateliers are designed as autonomous work units where artists can realize their projects. There are also three workshops with professional infrastructure for stone, wood and metal working, as well as an open workshop with a crane. These workplaces and ateliers serve both as workshops and as internships: visitors can get a very direct insight into the art creation.

The CIS is interested in three-dimensional artists who pursue an innovative approach. In line with the purpose of the Foundation, the focus of materials is Peccia marble, but any other stone or material such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, paper, etc. can also be used.

Application for Artists in Residence 2025 are open

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