19.06 – 31.10.2023

Dalla materia allo spazio.
Marcel Dupertuis
Pittura e scultura

The International Sculpture Centre (CIS) opens its exhibition season with an exposition dedicated to the Swiss artist Marcel Dupertuis (*1941). This year’s program at the CIS, as consolidated in past editions, in addition to hosting artists in residence, is expanded  and enriched thanks to the presence of the artist in situ, from which various projects will be developed, such as a thematic exhibition, the completion of a monumental sculpture in local marble and various collateral events.

The exhibition From matter to Space. Marcel Dupertuis - Painting and Sculpture”, which the CIS is staging in its premises in Peccia, is the result of a collaboration with the Museo Vincenzo Vela, which recently dedicated a wide-ranging monographic exhibition to the sculptor, entitled “Il filo di Arianna. Marcel Dupertuis. Works 1951-2021. In the exposition due in Valle Maggia, the focus is set on a specific trait of the artist's production, i.e., on his relationship with monumentality, an aspect that he tackled both in painting and sculpture, elaborating considerable formats in the most diverse materials, within a reflection on the public function of the artistic gesture.

Selected for the exhibition are a number of large works, as well as sketches and photographic enlargements that document the ease with which Dupertuis has interacted with open space over the decades. The majesty of the Alpine crown surrounding the CIS and a monumental new project in progress (La Sinfonia di Peccia) constitute the prerequisites for offering the public from the valley and yonder a broader reflection on the artist's intentions, which reach beyond the purely sculptural sphere.

Invitation to opening (PDF)